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Eyes can conquer hearts: Treat yourself to a captivating gaze with mascara, eyeshadow and eye pencils; your eyes will love them.

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  1. 2 IN 1 Gel Kajal & eye-liner pencil waterproof
  2. 24Ore Long-lasting  Eye PencilL W.P
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  3. Extra Eye Pencil Waterproof
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  4. Perfect Smokey Eye Palette
  5. 24Ore Brow Tint
  6. 24Ore Instant Maxi Volume Extra Black Mascara
  7. Kajal Pencil
  8. This image contains Extra Ordinary Mascara 5in1
  9. This image contains 24 Ore Transparent Eye Pencil
  10. 24Ore Velvet Eye Shadow
  11. 24Ore Brow Marker
  12. Radiance Creator Concealer